Arbitrans - myDATA Library

SendInvoices..::..ExportDataForValidation Method

Exports the data for validation in case you come to an issue you cannot explain.
This function exports the data in encoded format according to GDPR.
Save these data to a file and send them to

Namespace:  arbitrans_myDATA_framework
Assembly:  arbitrans_myDATA_framework (in arbitrans_myDATA_framework.dll)


public string ExportDataForValidation()
Public Function ExportDataForValidation As String

Return Value

Encoded String according to GDPR.


SendInvoices sni = new SendInvoices("AADEUserID", "OcpApimSubscriptionKey", "Arbitrans User", "Arbitrans Key", false);
string validationData = sni.ExportDataForValidation()
Dim sni As SendInvoices = New SendInvoices("AADEUserID", "OcpApimSubscriptionKey", "Arbitrans User", "Arbitrans Key", False)
Dim validationData as String = sni.ExportDataForValidation()