Arbitrans - myDATA Library

SendExpensesClassification Class

Class SendExpensesClassification
By this class you can send Expenses Classifications for myDATA invoices, or reject myDATA invoices.
To send a classification, it's necessary to know the MARK of the invoice and the valid classification combination for that Invoice.

Namespace:  arbitrans_myDATA_framework
Assembly:  arbitrans_myDATA_framework (in arbitrans_myDATA_framework.dll)


public class SendExpensesClassification
Public Class SendExpensesClassification


See how you can Send your first Expenses Classification

You can check if a classification is correct by using the checkClassification(String, String, String, Int32).
You can get a list of Valid Categories of an Invoice Type using the get_ValidCategory(String, Int32).
You can get a list of Valid Classification Types of an Invoice Type using the get_ValidE3(String, String, Int32).

You can export the Classification Data and send them to, so we can check your issue, using the method ExportDataForValidation()()()().
This method exports your data in encoded format, according to GDPR, ensuring maximum security to any sensitive or personal data.

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